Who is a NeuroAnalyst? NeuroAnalyst is the psychiatrist of the future
What makes NeuroAnalysts the psychiatrists of the future? NeuroAnalysts reconceptualize descriptive psychiatry to generate an etiological (brain-related) psychiatry.
How is descriptive psychiatry reformulated into etiological brain-related psychiatry? Descriptive psychiatry can be reformulated into etiological brain-related psychiatry using the emergent new field of “Computational Psychiatry” that reconceptualizes mental disorders as disturbances to the neuronal network organization of the brain. Read more
What practical tools NeuroAnalysts have? Brain Profiler’ platform combines Computational Psychiatry and digital Psychiatry, offering a comprehensive psychiatric assessment and discovery vehicle for mental disorders.
Are NeuroAnalysts organized academically and professionally in some way? Yes! They are internationally organized via social media, Video meetings and Internet Workshops.  Join one of these forums to become a NeuroAnalyst.
What are some of the academic resources that are relevant to the novice NeuroAnalyst? The resources vary from several published books and up to peer-reviewed PUBMED publications. Read more
Who is the founder and leader of NeuroAnalysis? Abraham Peled M.D. experienced psychiatrist, Chair of department, Neuroscientist and educated in neural-networks and complex systems sciences.




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