NeuroAnalyst is a closed clinical academic educational group for Psychiatrists, Neurologists, and other medical practitioners interested in curing mental disorders and improving wellness related to higher-mental functions.

The academic basis for this group involves the combination of ‘Computational Neuroscience’ (i.e. Computational Psychiatry) and ‘Digital Mental Health,’ thus grounded on cutting-edge advances of both theory and technology.

Basically a NeuroAnalyst is THE CLINICIAN OF THE FUTURE  in psychiatry and neurology of higher mental functions.

By participating in this closed (selected members) group you get access to theoretical and technological tools such as ‘Clinical Brain Profiling‘ theory and ‘Brain Profiler‘ cyber platform.

To participate:

join Meet Up

Take the short video and slideshow webinar-workshops.

Email me at

And register to NeuroAnalyst LinkedIn group

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