NeuroAnalysis’ is a clinical scientific discipline that diagnoses and treats mental disorders as brain network disturbances.  ‘Neuro’ stands for brain-related, and ‘Analysis’ for assessment / diagnosis.

Neuroanalyst’ is a clinical scientist trained and certified both as a clinician as well as a neuroscientist of computational and complex systems.

1 degree Neuroanalyst
Internet workshop + Skype interview / exam
Certified MDs and psychologists *
2 degree Neuroanalyst
2 day workshop + exam
Certified MDs and psychologists *
3 degree Neuroanalyst
1st and 2nd degree working /researching
MD’s PhD’s only
*treat according to certification.

Clinical Brain Profiling (CBP)’ is a novel diagnostic conceptualization translating descriptive psychiatric diagnosis into brain-related etiological diagnosis. It is currently theoretical but is rooted in contemporary neuroscientific literature.

Brain Profiler’ is based on CBP and uses regular descriptive psychiatric diagnosis translating it into personalized testable-predictions of brain neural-network-disturbances, thus answering for the need of discovering the etiology (causes) of mental disorders. Brain Profiler is a technological disruptive innovation that integrates Digital Mental Health, Computational Psychiatry and Brain Imaging to generate meaningful large-data statistics powerful enough to discover and treat the causes of mental disorders.

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