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Clinical Brain Profiling CBP is a neuroscientific psychiatric diagnosis

Click CBP and check in the ‘signs’ ‘symptoms’ and ‘history’ of your patient, then press the “Brain Profile Results” button to obtain a (testable prediction) brain-related etiopathological diagnosis for your patient

You can enter you patients phenomenology and then ask them to obtain a consumer EEG to wear in proximate time related to the phenomenology assessment, and send their files to

BP is not diagnostic and not-treatment related. By sending your files you agree, and give your consent, that the data will be used only for studying correlates between reported phenomenology and EEG patterns . The data will not be used for any purpose other than the mentioned above. Data will be confidential and not identifiable in any way; do not send identified information within the files and contents, all files should not have names IDs or any other identifying information, 


Manual for Clinical Brain Profiling will help you with the process and results

Clinical Brain Profiling simplified

Video Invitation 2014

פרופיל מוחי בפסיכיאטריה

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For Comprehensive in-depth review read the book “ Mental Disorders Explained and Cured: A New Psychiatry called NeuroAnalysis “ 

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