CBP and NeuroAnalysis can offer a starting point for brain-related psychiatry

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Clinical Brain Profiling simplified

פרופיל מוחי בפסיכיאטריה

Neuroscientific Psychiatry; How do we get there? Download Neuroscientific psychiatry 9.8.12[2]

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CBP [Clinical Brain Profiling] is a novel brain-related psychiatric diagnosis.


Use the “Manual for Clinical Brain Profiling” for CBP guidance and reliability

My Talk at Redwood Inst’ Berkeley

The Neuroscientific Clinician _Peled Jan 2012

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Nalysis the science NALYSIS 0.1




Brain Profiler Master P_



BP_TPP_Abstract Bio_Peled

PATENT VR psychiatric diagnosis 

On Brain Profiler    Paragraph on Brain Profiler

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