Disruption is the word used for innovative, successful and phase-transitioning technological advancement.

In medicine the goal is to cure patients and in psychiatry the challenge is of the highest complexity and difficulty as we deal with the highest human functions such as, identity motivation, consciousness, thinking and feeling.

Faced with such a gigantic and overwhelmingly task, disruptive science and technology are a must.

Mental disorders that are currently diagnosed using description of symptoms should first be reconceptualized in terms of their underlying brain-disturbances. This reconceptualization has been developed over the last 20-years under the title of “Clinical Brain Profiling (CBP).”

“Brain Profiler” (MVP available) was now established to validate CBP thus disrupt the field of psychiatry, unite it back with neurology (brain-related discipline), discover the causes of mental disorders and act as the platform on which all future brain corrective (enhancing) technology will be accomplished.


Brain Profiling -ONE PAGER April 2017
B Profiler August 9 Exec SUmmary    B-AbBio      B-AbBio-Science (PPT  B-AbBio-Science)
B-Deck pitch       B-why invest_Deck pitch    Uniqueness of Brain Profiler 16.5.17   INNOVATION IN PSYCHIATRY 28.5.17
Psychiatry Advisor Article       Pubmed Brain “Globalopathies”    Pubmed “Clinical Brain Profiling”
Neuroanalysis Book
Whole brain neural-computation video   Segregation integration whole brain – paper
Cody Rall interview at APA San Diego 2017

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