It is critical for any effective medical treatment to target the causes of disease and neutralize them. Thus it is critically important to discover the causes of mental disorders in order to devise effective treatments in psychiatry. Effective diagnosis and treatment in psychiatry require a reliable and valid brain-related analysis of mental disorders.  Such a valid brain-related analysis of mental disorders is provided by “Brain Profiler.”

Brain Profiler is a novel digital multi functional integrated platform for 1) psychiatric diagnosis and follow-up, 2) patient monitoring i.e., self-reports and digital sensors, and 3) computational psychiatric translation for brain imaging validation.

Brain Profiler framework has been tested for Validation (1) and is based on the vast existing literature of computational psychiatry (2).

1)      Peled A, Geva AB. “Clinical brain profiling”: a neuroscientific diagnostic approach for mental disorders. Med Hypotheses. 2014 Oct;83(4):450-64.

2)      Peled A. Brain “Globalopathies” cause mental disorders. Med Hypotheses. 2013 Dec;81(6):1046-55

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