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Brain Profiler‘ is a Cyber-Platform based on Clinical Brain Profiling  It is designed to translate descriptive psychiatric phenomenology into a brain-related disturbance of the brain.

Brain Profiler generates a personalized testable hypothesis of the brain disturbance of your patient by combining psychiatric evaluation, patient report and digital cyber sensors. Brain Profiler then validates this hypothesis using consumer EEG sensors of electrophysiological brain-imaging.

Brain Profiler is in development, it is currently an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) that you can already use, (the clinician and patient platforms are functional).

Go to Brain Profiler and REGISTER, give us your feedback at the NeuroAnalyst group.


Plasticity Psychiatry Booklet

Brain Profiling -ONE PAGER April 2017
B Profiler August 9 Exec SUmmary
   Pubmed Brain “Globalopathies”    Pubmed “Clinical Brain Profiling”
Neuroanalysis Book
Whole brain neural-computation video   Segregation integration whole brain – paper
Cody Rall interview at APA San Diego 2017

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