NEUROANALYSIS CLINIC response 24/7 972-52-2844050

A new clinic for the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, self-empowerment and increased wellbeing.

NeuroAnalysis Brain Profiler Clinic is unique in bringing “Digital Mental health” together with “Computational Psychiatry” to offer a ground-breaking cutting-edge psychiatry.

NeuroAnalysis Brain Profiler Clinic is entirely Cyber-based Tele-Psychiatry including diagnosis treatment plan and implementation of the treatment.

NeuroAnalysis Brain Profiler Clinic uses advanced novel ‘Brain profiler’ computer technology

NeuroAnalysis Brain Profiler Clinic is directed by Abraham Peled M.D. Chair of Department with 30 years of clinical experience. Peled is also a clinical associate prof’ at the medical faculty of the Israeli Institute of Technology, the Technion. He published in the scientific neuroscience literature including 3 books.

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