Clinical Brain Profiling (CBP) is a theoretical construct that attempts to conceptualize mental-disorders as brain-disorders thus, make the ambitious leap from descriptive psychiatry to etiological psychiatry.

For example there is enough knowledge out-there to substitute the term ‘Psychosis’ with ‘disconnection disturbance of small-world network organization.’ The evidence of  plasticity disturbances in mood disorders has reached the level where depression can be conceptualized as a disorder of  ‘plasticity optimization’ spread in the cortex.

For Intro’ to CBP Here are some introductory materials for you:

“Clinical Brain Profiling,” the theory at a glance. (Psychiatry Advisor Article)

“Clinical Brain Profiling,” at a glance. (Video)

“Clinical Brain Profiling,” also at a glance. (“Globalopathies” abstract)

Clinical Brain Profiling,” the theory in-depth. (Video Lectures)

Clinical Brain Profiling,” the theory more in-depth. (In the Literature)

Why call it NeuroAnalysis? (Dialog between Freud & Meynert)

NeuroAnalysis and Brain Profiling, (Interview with Cody Rall at the San-Diego APA 2017)

Innovation Lab NY 2018

Use the Brain Profiler program and send us feedback (brainprofiler.com)

Consumer EEG Brain Imaging (by Cody Rall)

Plasticity Psychiatry Booklet

The future of Brain Profiling: Brain Pacemakers (Brain-pacing Sticker_1)






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