Clinical Brain Profiling (CBP) is a theoretical construct that attempts to conceptualize mental-disorders as brain-disorders thus, make the ambitious leap from descriptive psychiatry to etiological psychiatry.

For example there is enough knowledge out-there to substitute the term ‘Psychosis’ with ‘disconnection disturbance of small-world network organization.’ The evidence of  plasticity disturbances in mood disorders has reached the level where depression can be conceptualized as a disorder of  ‘plasticity optimization’ spread in the cortex.

For Intro’ to CBP Here are some introductory materials for you:

“Clinical Brain Profiling,” the theory at a glance. (Psychiatry Advisor Article)

“Clinical Brain Profiling,” at a glance. (Video)

“Clinical Brain Profiling,” also at a glance. (“Globalopathies” abstract)

Clinical Brain Profiling,” the theory in-depth. (Video Lectures)

Clinical Brain Profiling,” the theory more in-depth. (In the Literature)

Why call it NeuroAnalysis? (Dialog between Freud & Meynert)

NeuroAnalysis and Brain Profiling, (Interview with Cody Rall at the San-Diego APA 2017)

Use the Brain Profiler program and send us feedback (brainprofiler.com)

Explaining Brain Profiler (B-Deck pitch)

Consumer EEG Brain Imaging (by Cody Rall)

The future of Brain Profiling: Brain Pacemakers (Brain-pacing Sticker_1)






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