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The “NeuroAnalysis” Blog is a place on the web dedicated for the future clinicians in the fields of psychiatry and psychology.

I dare say it is intended to correct an historic artifact splitting psychiatry from neurology.   It is intended to reunite neurology and neuroscientific approaches with psychiatry and psychology.

I believe this can be done today by combining modern neuroscience with complex-systems sciences such as physics and mathematics, i.e. the emerging field of Computational Neuroscience has matured enough to become applicable to psychiatry.

“Clinical Brain Profiling” is a theory I have developed to reconceptualize mental disorders as brain disorders

The activity of NeuroAnalysis is intended for certified clinicians in the fields of psychiatry and psychology.  If you wish to participate and become a “NeuroAnalyst,” i.e., the clinician of the future, pleas register to one of our social media groups on Facebook or LinkedIn  or send me your email to be included on our email list.

You will be educated in this new field via easy-to-follow lectures and workshops (presented below) and can practically start using the Brain-Profiler Program in your everyday clinical activity.

Brain-Profiler is designed as a neuro-analytic EMR (electronic medical record) that translates the clinical manifestations of your patients into formulations of brain-related computational psychiatry .

Brain Profiler is planned to include telemedicine components and “Digital Psychiatry,” a new developing trend in modern psychiatry, where sensor technology can objectively collect psychiatric phenomenology helping to achieve reliable accurate diagnosis.

Brain Profiler will also implement electromagnetic sensors of consumer EEG devices for brain imaging of your patients, thus offering a powerful potential for discovering the causes of psychiatric disorders.

By participating you will help to generate large data sets about psychiatric manifestations, these will give your Brain Profiler practice the powerful predictive knowledge on prognosis and treatment–response of your patients, substantially augmenting the success of your professional practice.

See UserGuide

Here are some introductory materials for you:

“Clinical Brain Profiling,” the theory at a glance. (Psychiatry Advisor Article)

“Clinical Brain Profiling,” at a glance. (Video)

“Clinical Brain Profiling,” also at a glance. (“Globalopathies” abstract)

Clinical Brain Profiling,” the theory in-depth. (Video Lectures)

Clinical Brain Profiling,” the theory more in-depth. (In the Literature)

Why call it NeuroAnalysis? (Dialog between Freud & Meynert)

NeuroAnalysis and Brain Profiling, (Interview with Cody Rall at the San-Diego APA 2017)

Use the Brain Profiler program and send us feedback (

Explaining Brain Profiler (B-Deck pitch)

Consumer EEG Brain Imaging (by Cody Rall)

The future of Brain Profiling: Brain Pacemakers (Brain-pacing Sticker_1)






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