John Clees Brain anatomy

Medical model medical model discussed

Disease what is disease

Diagnosis As A system

Emergent properties  in the body  U don’t need something more  Emergence in detail teach

System Approach to obesity

Dynamic system  state space attractors nonlinear dynamics  

Complex Systems complex system detail

Neural networks   from single neuron   basic intro  more basic  prediction and error self organization and emergent -   reinforcement learning and environmentMario learning evolution  

Entropy and Boltzmann brain Animation  video of Boltzmann brain

Hebbian plasticity Donald Hebb biography  Donald Hebb MUST  Hippocampus network Hebbian organization (2 = Reactivating experience)

Long term potentiation and learning (3),   Synaptic plasticity & NEW memories  

Experience-dependent plasticity

motor task learning brain plasticity -   plasticity rewiring cartoon PERTH plasticity ensembles cartoon  -  Great drawing and Glutamate (1)

Graph networks Graphs theory    -  Barabashi movie   -  six degrees separation   Small world network cartoon -   

Brain anatomy and physiology   real-brain  —  crudecartoon and functions  -  Phineas Gage  more detail Bradman    Neurons physiology

EEG Basics EEG Waves  EEG Brain Rhythms

Connectom  -  Brain-city –   Default Mode Network cartoon

Signal-processing Signal Processing the basics  brain imaging  Brain Imaging types

Concept neurons Concept neuron Jenifer lopez

Tononi sleep  

Neuro-scientific   advancements relevant to psychology:

Neural complexity   and matching complexity  Free energy,

and state-space internal configurations, Cognition and neural-network recruitments, Global workspace and consciousness, Default mode networks, Ego and  basic internal configuration.

schizo illusion      Rorschach

Possible innovative breakthroughs:

Clinical phenomenology of mental disorders relevant historical perspective, Clinical phenomenology of mental disorders relevant classifications and current crises (RDoC)

Exercise in innovation: Can we achieve breakthroughs from what we have learned up to now?

  • Default mode networks & Personality disorders
  • Optimization emergent properties & mood disorders
  • Connectivity imbalances & psychotic spectrum disorders and schizophrenias
  • Clinical Brain Profiling & other mental disorders

Schizophrenia – Schizophrenia drawing


  1. Parallel Distributed Processing McClelland & Rumelhatr
  2. Default mode and ego function. Harris Friston
  3. Dynamic network connectivity Arnest
  4. Neuroanalysis. Peled
  5. From sensation to cognition Marcel Mesulam

End Course requirements, written assay of no more than 5 pages (12 David or times roman font 1.5 space) where the student is required to elaborate on self-generated ideas of himself that he thinks can contribute to innovation in the filed discussed in the course. Divided into 1) Background, 2) theoretical discussion 3) Formulated theory 4) how it can be validated and how is it useful to the field?


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