Introduction to psychiatry 2019

קבלה וניהול מקרה A#1

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Intake Shaar Menashe

ECT ECT  Vid1 Vid2 Vid3

Organic Brain Disorders Organic Brain Disorders  Personality Drug updates DRUGS_indications and otherEmergency psychiatry – suicide aggression Liason דמנציה דליריום

The idea of object relationship Cartoon





drawing presentations -PP   Schizophrenia – Schizophrenia drawing8” Depression 10.35”  Anxiety 5”  Panic  5.20”    Bipolar Drawing 7”  OCD 5.18”  PTSD 5”  personality disorders clusters    A  ”7    B 6”    C  5.27”

החולים שלנו תוכנית טלוויזיה

Introduction to psychaitry 2019 for students      PDF Introduction to psychaitry 2019 for students

Introduction to COMPUTATIONAL psychaitry 2019   PDF  Introduction to COMPUTATIONAL psychaitry 2019

Introduction to psychaitry 2019  PDF  Introduction to psychaitry 2019

Drug updates  DRUGS_indications and other

לימודים Diagnosis & Mental status in psychiatry

Schizophrenia and psychaosis

DSM teach

Mood DSM      אבל      דחק

דמנציה דליריום


Drugs (street)

Schizo & types  DSM schizophrenia Neg deficit  good prog  schiz form  schiz aff  delusional

Emergency psychiatry – suicide aggression

EEG video teach

הרצאת סירטונים   הרצאת סירטונים

Videos for teaching NeuroAnalysis

  connectomics Why



History 3”

Psychiatrist today 6”

DSM critic 3”

Heather 5”

hollow mask 2”

Tomas Insel toward new psychiatry 13”

Human Brain Project 8”

I am My Connectom 23”

Connectivity brain Tononi consciousness 6”

Emergent prop – reduction 2”

NN learning 9”

Matrix graph implementation 8’

Barabasi Hubs 12”

Small world caricature teach 3.5”

Sporns 35” summery


Virtual reality immersive for large brain data3”




For Residents   טופס דיווח על מתמחים

DSM5 changes changes-from-dsm-iv-tr–to-dsm-5

MD Thesis Guidelines

Cartoon short video about psychaitrists

connectom Channel

Connectom Ted

Manual for Clinical Brain Profiling

To develop CBP come join us at our LinkedIn CBP Group

Why Psychiatry can’t afford to be Neurophobic

Connectomic Intermediate Phenotypes for Psychiatric Disorders

paper about Cog effort MEG cool Graph Analysis

Resting state sch Graph Analysis Neuroimage_2012[1]

Granger Causality Analysis of Steady-State Electroencephalographic Signals during Propofol-Induced Anaesthesia

NN in schizophrenia NN_SCH_Lynall2010[1]

Graph theory MEG review MEG review Clinical Neurophysiology MEG review Non-Linear Biomedical Physics

Free Energy Karl Friston  - Unified TheoryRough Guide

Mesulam Classic Must read from sensation to cogniton

Demystifying the Mind

clinical scales

Stem Cells

Optogenetics Optogenetics_1

Optogenetics Biological Psychaitry Karl

Connectivity plasticity psychiatry I

Connectivity plasticity psychiatry II

One Mind lectures

One Mind Connectum

DSM TV program

DSM Criticism 1 DSM Criticism 2 DSM Criticism 3

Case study schizophrenia

Delusions exmp Delusion2 Nihilistic exmp Hllucinations Exmp Reference exmp, Manic exmp,

case study schizophrenia part 1

case study schizophrenia part 2

Mania Depression Bipolar

Typs of Depression

Anxiety disorders (for primary care phsician)

a usefulsite for psy meds

Facinating Lecture on Cnosiousness Giulio Tononi

Lecture about consciousness Gerald Edelman

Lecture about brain Imaging Mesulam

Lecture about neural networks models Hinton

Hollow mask illusion

 Brain anatomy NN


 Optogenetics & Psychaitry Optogenetic video 1 video 2 video 3

Neuromodulation tDCS_vid1

Neuromodulation lab Harvard

Sporns Connectivity

Connectum project NIH

Connectome  debate

DBS in Depression

little albert experiment

Hystory psychiatry

Psychiatric hospital documentary: part 2

Physical Mental Health Treatments ECT 1957

Paranoid Schizophrenic Mental Patient, 1950s

Mental Institution, 1950s

Mental : A History of the Mad House (PART 1)

Mental : A History of the Mad House (PART 2)

Mental : A History of the Mad House (PART 3)

Mental : A History of the Mad House (PART 4)

Tutorial Pittsburgh Brain Connectivity Competition ICDM 2009 Part 1

Tutorial Pittsburgh Brain Connectivity Competition ICDM 2009 Part 2

Tutorial Pittsburgh Brain Connectivity Competition ICDM 2009 Part 3


Network of the Brain

Optogenetics and mouse (with music)

optogenetics kids presentation vid

Optogenetics cell vid

Tononi – on Sleep

On 1Mind4Research Vimeo YouTube

NN teach

On the NN Level Vimeo

On the RDoC Vimeo

Small world

Walter Freeman on Psychiatry




NeuroCritic about diagnosis

Must read for students of EEG see “The role of oscillations and synchrony in cotrical networks ..” 

Criticality in brain networks

Cognitive effort brain netwroks

The Integration of Neurology, Psychiatry and Neuroscience 

“Words Matter” Tom Insel NIMH

Mapping Connectivity Damage in the Case of Phineas Gage

Graph Theory 1 Graph 2 Disconnected Implementation

Dynamical network workspace during N-back test – movie  movie short

Stanislas Dehaene: 2012 Seattle Brain Salon

small world models

Origins of SW

Network diffusion

Network Resilience

The Default mode network Ego functions

Defaul mode netwrok explanatory short video


On Small World Networks facinating  and Relevant Eror and Attack Nature paper

voltage gateed calcium channels

Five Major Mental Disorders Share Genetic Roots, video Five mental disorders share some of the same genes 

Identification of risk loci with shared effects on five major psychiatric disorders: a genome-wide analysis

Voltage-Gated Calcium Channels paper

מאמר בעברית אתר האיגוד

SimSensi can diagnose depression (VR Psych)

Emergance vid

DSM5 criticized by Allen Frances

Ed bullmor slide show 2013

Sporns complexity lecture

Giulio Tononi clip on sleep

Tom Insel TED

Defoult mode network

Bruce Cuthbert on RDoC

Cyborg Psychiatry

Nowhere to Go: Mentally ill youth in crisis

BRAIN BEAT_Peled2014

פרופיל מוחי בפסיכיאטריה

fMRI video  EEG Video   TMS video

Network resilience node attak lecture20

See BrainFix March 2015  see also related N_Hat phase 1 and N_Hat preliminary phase 1

ApplyMagicSauce  LifeGraph Mon4T

MindStrong HealthRythems

Cornell health-Tech,  Open mHealth - get started

HealthSens, Cure Within Reach

Traits from digital records PNAS-2013-Kosinski-5802-5 (1)

Woorlds   Monfort

Oren Shriki, Since Daily Advances

Mobile phone sensors schizophrenia

Criticality and Avalanches

Avalanches Oren Shriki

Dont hospitalize Boredrline Staring Yhuda Baruch - be carefull with treatment


hollow mask illusion

McGurk 0  McGruke 1  McGurke 2 McGurk 3

Daniel Amen controversy vid 

Lecture for start ups gigi

Great EEG teach 2 electrodes

EEG video

G-Med telemedicine

example draw video example video explain

EEG Blog sticker EEG

John Clees Brain anatomy

Medical model medical model discussed

Disease what is disease

Diagnosis As A system

Emergent properties  in the body  U don’t need something more  Emergence in detail teach

System Approach to obesity

Dynamic system  state space attractors nonlinear dynamics  

Complex Systems complex system detail

Neural networks   from single neuron   basic intro  more basic  prediction and error self organization and emergent -   reinforcement learning and environment – Mario learning evolution  

Entropy and Boltzmann brain Animation  video of Boltzmann brain

Hebbian plasticity Donald Hebb biography  Donald Hebb MUST  Hippocampus network Hebbian organization (2 = Reactivating experience)

Long term potentiation and learning (3),   Synaptic plasticity & NEW memories  

Experience-dependent plasticity

motor task learning brain plasticity -   plasticity rewiring cartoon -  PERTH plasticity ensembles cartoon  -  Great drawing and Glutamate (1)

Graph networks Graphs theory    -  Barabashi movie   -  six degrees separation   Small world network cartoon -   

Brain anatomy and physiology   real-brain  —  crude -  cartoon and functions  -  Phineas Gage  more detail Bradman    Neurons physiology

EEG Basics EEG Waves  EEG Brain Rhythms - 

Connectom  -  Brain-city –   Default Mode Network cartoon

Signal-processing Signal Processing the basics  brain imaging  Brain Imaging types 

Concept neurons Concept neuron Jenifer lopez

Tononi sleep  

schizo illusion      Rorschach

PP   Schizophrenia – Schizophrenia drawing8” Depression 10.35”  Anxiety 5”  Panic  5.20”    Bipolar Drawing 7”  OCD 5.18”  PTSD 5”  personality disorders clusters    A  ”7    B 6”    C  5.27”  SSRI SNRI
tDCS 1  Foc.Us

Psychiatric Interview

End Course requirements, written assay of no more than 5 pages (12 David or times roman font 1.5 space) where the student is required to elaborate on self-generated ideas of himself that he thinks can contribute to innovation in the filed discussed in the course. Divided into 1) Background, 2) theoretical discussion 3) Formulated theory 4) how it can be validated and how is it useful to the field?



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