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The plasticity theory for psychiatry is rather straightforward. It is based on two assumptions

1) Emergent properties from the brain

2) brain network dynamics

Emergent properties are typically defined by the statement that the “whole is more than the sum of its parts”. This is true for systems characterized by non-linear interacting elements. The emergent properties evolving from the complexity of the brain are phenomena such as consciousness, mood and personality. One neuron, or even a large group of neurons, do not show characteristics such as consciousness, mood and personality. However the whole brain integrative activity does. Thus, in disturbances to consciousness, mood and personality, we assume that whole brain organization will be influenced.

As for the second assumption, that of brain network dynamics, the hypothesis is that mental disorders are disturbances to the optimal whole brain organizations with hubs set as Central Executive Networks for fast millisecond range plasticity, Default-Mode Network for lifelong stable plasticity and Salient Network for in-between months, weeks, plasticity adaptations . Different phenomenological manifestations of mental disorders are caused by different types of neuronal network “breakdown” patterns. These can be conceptualized in terms of disturbances to plasticity network dynamics.

Plasticity is the term reserved for interactions taking place between, and among, neuronal network systems in the brain (neurogenesis and synaptic activity), these are typically interactive with external environments via sensation (sensory systems) and actions (motor activity).

Clinical Brain Profiling Theory in a Nutshell

Abraham Peled

A Neuro Analyst is the psychiatrist of the future, functions based on the following:

Educated in Medicine, psychiatry, neuroscience, neurology, complex- system-physics and mathematics, brain-imaging and signal processing

Graduated from the NeuroAnalysis  Education program

Work within the Clinical-Brain-Profiling framework.

Registered for the NeuroAnalysis society.

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