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NeuroAnalysis New Edition 2019
A Unifying Theory for the Future of Psychiatry Abraham Peled M.D.

Author Preface
As early as 1990, the year I began my residency, it was clear to me that psychiatry has a descriptive diagnostic system (signs and symptoms) because there is no etiology (known causes) of psychiatric disorders. Even though we were taught that mental disorders are disorders of the brain, this idea is not evident in our conceptualization of mental disorders. Terms like “depression” and “anxiety” are not brain-related, as are “encephalitis” and “CVA,” terms that include the brain in their taxonomy.

Clinical Brain Profiling Theory in a Nutshell
The plasticity theory for psychiatry is rather straightforward. It is based on two assumptions
1) Emergent properties from the brain, and
2) brain network dynamics.

Emergent properties are typically defined by the statement that the “whole is more than the sum
of its parts”. This is true for systems characterized by non-linear interacting elements. The
emergent properties evolving from the complexity of the brain are phenomena such as
consciousness, mood and personality. One neuron, or even a large group of neurons, do not show
characteristics such as consciousness, mood and personality. However the whole brain
integrative activity does. Thus, in disturbances to consciousness, mood and personality, we
assume that whole brain organization will be influenced. 

Theodor Meynert and Sigmund Freud; Dialog on the future of Psychiatry
Avi Peled M.D.

In this fiction Theodor Meynert and his student Sigmund Freud are projected in time from the late 1800’s to the present. They are updated with the current state-of-the art sciences of the brain, neurology and psychiatry and they meet in a café in Vienna to discuss the cutting edge of psychiatry circa 2011, and offer a fresh outlook for the future of the field.

Avi Peled, Debra Brand

Dan Moor drove into the parking lot at University Hospital and pulled into an empty space facing the building. He switched off the engine and sat behind the wheel, staring at the psychiatric wing. Of average height and build, Dan’s sandy colored hair bordered on unruly. He ran his fingers through it now, feelings of anticipation and apprehension making his stomach churn.