Brain Profiler

Brain Profiler is a digital software platform designed for integration and discovery 


Brain Profiler is a company for integrated data-sets designed to reformulate mental disorders as brain disorders and thus actively discover the causes (etiology) of mental disorders and advice for the neural-modulation (brain pacing) that will effectively cure mental disturbances and eliminate brain deficiencies and psychiatric symptoms.

Brain profiler integrates:

  • Clinician phenomenological assessment (currently used DSM descriptive diagnosis)
  • Patient complains (symptoms) also based on currently used DSM descriptive diagnosis
  • Digital Phenotyping, i.e., psychiatric phenomenology collected from sensors and cyberactivity
  • Brain organization (and disturbances) as collected from relevant (EEG) brain Imaging technologies.
  • Corrective Algorithms of Neural-Modulation (CANM) generated by the above integration

Brain Profiler is scientifically based on Neural Computation and computational psychiatry.

Brain Profiler can give value to any diagnostic and therapeutic company or activity which strives for effective brain related psychiatry. So, it seems Brain Profiler can work with multitude of companies and its capital comes from the integration of collected data-sets.

The power of Brain Profiler lays in the statistics of integrated large data-sets offering the substrata for machine learning for neuronal diagnosis and closed-loop neuromodulation therapeutic interventions.

Brain Profiler achieves personalized psychiatric diagnosis. For each patient it generates a personal-profile of brain disturbance thus offers liberation from categorical confusion. being personalized Brain Profiler optimizes clinical management and potentially promises to improve treatment outcomes. 

Brain profiler uses integration for reliability, and statistics for validity. Clinician assessment is synchronized with patient’s condition (via Brain Profiler App) for increased reliability. Additional remote collection of digital psychiatric phenomology boosts reliability. Validity uses electrophysiological wearable sensors for brain imaging. Discovery is achieved via collection of big-data statistics guided by Clinical Brain Profiling theory.