Brain Profiler

Brain Profiler is a digital platform designed to achieve three major goals

  • First it is a clever integrated electronic medical record which offers a novel synchronized clinician-patient follow-up and management.
  • Second it is an organizing technological platform for Digital Psychiatry and future Brain-Pacing therapies of mental disorders.
  • Finally it is a scientific Discovery-Engine! By using Brain Profiler in the clinic, mental disorders are reconceptualized as brain disorders. This is achieved by translating descriptive diagnosis (signs and symptoms) of mental disorders into testable brain-related disturbances paving the way to discovering the causes (etiology) for psychiatric illnesses

Brain Profiler achieves personalized psychiatric diagnosis. For each patient it generates a personal-profile of brain disturbance thus offers liberation from categorical confusion. being personalized Brain Profiler optimizes clinical management and potentially promises to improve treatment outcomes. 

Brain profiler uses integration for reliability, and statistics for validity. Clinician assessment is synchronized with patient’s condition (via Brain Profiler App) for increased reliability. Additional remote collection of digital psychiatric phenomology boosts reliability. Validity uses electrophysiological wearable sensors for brain imaging. Discovery is achieved via collection of big-data statistics guided by Clinical Brain Profiling theory.        

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